vendredi 17 avril 2009

World 2.0

World 1.0 vs World 2.0

  • Knowledge sharing and learning is imposed additional work / Knowledge sharing and social learning is a welcome natural part of people's everyday work
  • Work takes places behind closed doors / Work takes place transparently where everyone can see it
  • IT Tools are imposed on people / People select the tools that work best for them
  • People are controlled out of fear they will do wrong / People are given freedom in return for accepting responsibility
  • Information is centralized, protected and controlled / Information is distributed freely and uncontrolled
  • Publishing is centrally controlled / Anyone can publish what they want
  • Context is stripped from information / Context is retained in the form of stories
  • People think quietly alone / People think out load together
  • People tend to write in the third person, in a professional voice / People write in the first person in their own voice
  • People especially those in authority are closed to new ideas and new ways of working / Everyone is open to new ideas
  • Information is pushed to people whether they have asked for it or not /
    People decide the information they need and subscribe to it

  • The world is seen through a Newtonian cause and effect model /
    The world is recognized to be complex and that different approaches are needed

Gurteen Knowledge Letter, March 2008